Lache oder Lacha
  • meist Wald, darin meist Hügelgräber
  • Quelle ht tp://www.tara.tcd.ie/bitstream/2262/3921/1/jssisiVolXII263_294.pdf
    LAGHT is from the Irish leacht, "a grave" or "pile of stones in memory of the dead". There are three Townlands named LAGHT, and this word forms part of the name of many others, as Laghtane, leachtan, "little grave or monument". The Manx for "a grave " is lhiaght, as Lhiaghtny-Foawr, "grave of the giant".
  • Wohl von lacuna = Lache, Pfütze; lacus = Löschtrog bei den Schmieden

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