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  • Kessel = wohl lat. casula oder ab 19.02.19
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    CASHEL. -The word CASHEL is an anglicised form of the Irish caiseal, "a bulwark", "wall", or "circular stone fort"" It gives the name to 54 Townlands, while it forms the initial portion of the names of about 40 others, as in Cashelard, caiseal ard, a Townland in County Roscommon, which signifies "high stone fort". The word caiseal occurs in Scotch Gaelic, as Cashel Dhu, "black stone fort" Sutherlandshire. Compare Manx cashtal, "a castle" or "fortification", as Cashtal-lough, "lake castle", also Welsh castell, Cornish castel, and Breton kastel.

  • Link Kessel85080 Gaimersheim Ortschronik: 74
  • Link Kessel 85132 Workerszell Kesselweg
  • Link Kessel 91174 Spalt westl. Untererlbach
  • Link Kesseltal 91744 Weiltingen Äcker nordwestl. Ruffenhofen
  • Link Kessel 92280 Kastl Wald, Berg, östl. Dettnach
  • Link Kessel 92334 Berching, Wald Matzhof
  • Link Kesselberg 93336 Altmannstein, Berg südl. Schamhaupten
  • Link Kessel 95197 Schauenstein-Neudorf
  • Link Kessel 95346 Stadtsteinach Schwand