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neu ab 18.02.19Ö ha brrr
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    BARNA, BARN. -Twelve Townlands bear the designation of BARNA, and in over 80 others it forms the initial portion of the name. There are two Townlands named BARN, and about 60 others in which this word is the first syllable of the name. BARNA and BARN are anglicised forms of the Irish bearna or beam, "a gap", as Barnaboy, bearna buidhe, "yellow gap". In Scotch Gaelic the word is beam, as Barnbàuchle, "gap of danger", or "shepherd's gap" (Galloway), while in Manx it assumes the form baarney.
  • Quelle wie vor. BARR. -BARR is of frequent occurrence, 14 Townlands being so designated, and about 90 having this for a prefix. It is in Irish barr, and signifies "the top", "head", or "summit" of a thing. Sometimes the second r is dropped, as Barmeen, barr min "smooth top". The word in the Gaelic of Scotland is bàrr, as Barlaugh, "calves hill" (Ayrshire.) The Manx form is baare, as Baredoo, "black top". Compare Welsh bar, Cornish bar, and Breton bâr or barr.

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