Lateinische Sprachrelikte im bayerischen Dialekt


Ur-Bayerisch ist keine Variante der deutschen Sprache, sondern Latein.

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    BAWN, BAUN. -The word BAWN or BAUN is very frequently found in the composition of Irish place names in the Index. As the first syllable of the name it is usually from the Irish ban, "a field" as Bawnluskaha, ban loisgthe, "burned field." At the end of a word it is usually from ban, "white," as Glenbaun, gleann ban, "white glen or valley." There are 16 Townlands called BAWN, and about 90 others where it forms the initial syllable of the name. In Scottish Gaelic the word ban, meaning "white" appears, as Drumbane, "white ridge" Stirlingshire. In Manx the word is bane, as Knockbane, "white hill." Compare Welsh bân.